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photo of SamosamanSitting in his restaurant in Montpelier VT, it is clear that Fuad “Samosaman” Ndibalema has undeniable charm. His demeanor bespeaks confidence and gives the impression that here is a man comfortable with himself and who he is. Fuad greets his customers as the lunch crowd filters in. It is obvious that there are regulars whom he knows well. Equally clear is that he wants all his customers, regular or not, to feel comfortable and welcome in this place. As diners return the greetings, one in particular thanks Fuad for keeping his prices affordable. People really appreciate his efforts.

Fuad’s story is incredible. He left The Democratic Republic of Congo at the beginning of this Millennium. Fuad was seeking a home, away from the instability of his native country. Landing in Vermont, like our original settlers he was starting from scratch, Fuad was lucky to find the Vermont Food Bank and especially the Community Kitchen Program. At the time, Fatu, Fuad’s wife, was pregnant with their third child. Finding work was necessary. Thanks to the Community Kitchen Program Fuad learned the culinary skills to do more than find work. He was able to begin his own business, Samosaman Natural Foods, in 2001.

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Monday, 24 January 2011 18:20

redevelopment logoThe left alley as you face the store will be closed to vehicle traffic. All traffic to the back of the store will be rerouted to the north alley along the Whetstone Brook.Shoring will start prior to excavating for the new loading dock, possibly as early as next week.

In anticipation of the left alley closing (see Onward & Upward above), a new truck path, as well as a "no parking" area has been striped between the end of the store and the Whetstone bridge.

We are, however, hoping to reschedule all deliveries to the early morning so we don't have to give up any parking spaces to accommodate tractor-trailers, which require extra room to swing wide so they can square up to the narrow alley entrance. Stay tuned ...

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The Brattleboro Food Co-op is a natural foods market and deli.

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Twice-Baked Chipotle Sweet Potatoes